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DocXpress in its simplest form is a digital print shop management system. It is capable of managing any number of digital print systems and an unlimited number of documents, orders, customers or users.

DocXpress maintains a document repository that stores the electronic images/files of the customers documents, such that they can be re-sent at any time to virtually any production level digital printer. This printer can be a true digital laser type printer (Heidelberg 9110 or Xerox Docutech), a digital press (Heidelberg QDI), digital color systems (Xerox IGEN3 or Heidelberg NexPress), color plotters or a digital plate maker.

The DocXpress order entry interface can be used to enter customer orders as they arrive at the counter, over the phone or by fax. An optional Web interface (Internet or Intranet) allows customers or staff of the print shop to place their own orders directly at any time of day. If these orders are for documents already stored in the DocXpress system, they are immediately available for the print shop operators to release to the production printers without additional intervention by print shop staff. If the order is for a new document and if an electronic file is provided for that document with the order, it is immediately available for the print shop operators to release as a proof to the production printer.

The system repository is controlled by DocXpress and stores the complete manufacturing instructions for every document stored. These manufacturing instructions allow DocXpress to automatically modify the stored files and print instructions for each destination printer. The instructions include information that is sent to the production printer as well as production tasks that occur before and after printing in bindery or finishing. The system repository can also be used to store references to material that is not printed but is supplied on demand with printed material as well as source files from authoring applications. The system can store electronic files intended for black and white and/or color print documents. Jobs intended for color printers can be released to color printers, however they can also be released to be printed in shades of grey on the black and white digital printers if required.

A paper Job Ticket printed for each print job released can be used to track jobs through the document printing process. These tickets are printed with a bar code which can be used with hand held bar code readers to automate the tracking process.

DocXpress has a scanning interface that allows for capture and storage of hard copy documents in TIFF format. Integrated image editing tools are provided within DocXpress to allow for document cleanup and editing.

DocXpress has extensive impositioning capabilities that provide for multi-up and signature booklet formatting, with scaling and rotation of the images. Annotation of page numbers and watermarks are also provided.

Optional interfaces allow for automatic generation of print orders from files submitted by mainframe or legacy software systems. Automatic import of new documents can also be provided through optional software modules, thus reducing the workload of the pre-press staff.

Clients using the optional web interface can be notified by email when their order is complete and being delivered or ready for pickup. They can also check the current status of an order without having to call the print shop directly.

The data stored by DocXpress for each document and each order can be collected periodically and forwarded as part of a billing interface. System reporting can provide operational statistics on the print shop and billing type data for work completed.

DocXpress provides the ability to create jobs containing tabs virtually automatically. When specifying the job the user can enter text to be placed on the tab page when the job is printed. This process avoids the normal steps of tab creation either by the customer or printer graphic staff. Additionally DocXpress provides tab set management depending on the digital printers capabilities by sending ‘extra’ tabs in a set to alternate paper output destinations.

DocXpress can import various file formats such as Postscript, PDF and PCL. In a Xerox Digipath environment, DocXpress can import documents stored in the RDO format. DocXpress can also import files converted through the Xerox DocuJob Converter.